Is it really worth playing Vikings in coin master? do you win a lot? you lose a lot? Do you earn little and invest too much? how is this going?

Well, throughout the more than 2 years of having started in this game, we can comment that playing Vikings can be a very good adventure as well as frustrating.

It is recommended to play Vikings as long as you have several billions of coins to spend since if your interest is to make great booties and the cards they give away, let me tell you that you are going the wrong way.

From level 45, playing Vikings is an expensive modality, since if you want to win the card you will spend an average of 7,000,000,000 (7 billion) onwards , since the trick of the Viking mode is to increase the bet to multiply it when the 3 equal images, the 3 Vikings or the 3 Vikings come out, the only thing you will achieve is to lose the coins that you have taken so long to collect.

Vikings on coin master

Now if you are lucky and you win and / or multiply as in the image, well! 160 million nobody likes it badly, but it is a bet on the air, to get those 160M you could have invested 300M in small bets, then you turn it as “I’m recovering” when the truth is… you end up losing.

The rewards motivate and help … that nobody denies it but in the long run more is what you lose than what you earn … invest + 7MM for a golden card is sometimes not worth it, after … you will tell yourself and why not buy chests and that?

The majority of players that appear in the groups that do everything Vikings , are players that make quests with secondary accounts those that use only to store shots and coins , since in the main ones it is very complicated to do it, since the high levels do not “ they had the tips ”to save and not splurge, which they now do with their secondary accounts and win big prizes

Making a general synthesis of the game, we personally recommend you from DO NOT PLAY VIKINGS unless you are willing to lose several billion in the post of a card that in many cases you can not get since each time the bet goes up and goes Faster your coins.

I hope this brief explanation will help you learn how to take care of your coins and realize that the Coin Master mechanism is designed to waste your coins.

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